Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eye Candy

I realize that everyone has their own idea of what Eye Candy is and this is just my idea of what it was for me last week. Now that my homesickness has left me life is really good. The rains have started here, which we really needed. The dust was getting really bad, it just creeps into the house, so now with the rains it is easing up. Along with the rains comes really nice cool evenings, so wonderful for sleeping. The down side of the rain is we sometimes lose our internet server, but it does come back on eventually! We usually get our rainfall at night here, which is awesome as the rain doesn't interfere with my swimming in the pool. I have noticed that around 3 in the afternoon the clouds start building up, and at 8 the winds pick up. Then sometime during the evening the rains come, not every night yet and not big storms, but they will be arriving very soon. That is when the mountains will get so green.
This week we tried a new Italian restaurant that is only one block from us, so close we walked to it, the food was really good and reasonably priced so we will go back again.

I guess I'm not the only one in the house who likes to ride.

The trick riding kitty

I took a lesson on this horse last week, the trainer doesn't like to name the horses as he trains them then sells them, so he told me I could name them, so I call this guy Buddy

This one I am going to call Casanova, as he is a stud.
I call this one Pintura which means Paint

Okay I give, next time you can eat first!

Am I just to cute for words ??????

This is where Cali sleeps when she wants to be alone, it took us awhile for us to find her, we thought she got out of the house, gave us a good scare!

Mexican ingenuity at work here, this is why I like to have my camera with me!

Ok so why do I have a picture of this guy with his shirt off, well why not????
Well the story is: The local band called Bryan James, was playing at our friend Walters 50th birthday party, now it hadn't rained in months but Mother Nature decided to rain that night while the band was playing, so he got soaked thus the shirt came off. Maybe I should have made up a better story like he was a stripper for us girls yea that sounds better! LOL
Ok you decide shirt on or off???

The rest of the group.

The following pictures were taken on the grounds of LCS lot's of beautiful flowers there.

Don't forget you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Cat's at LCS

Sunset taken from our patio.

Well that's all for this post hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you to my readers that send me comments, nice to hear from you, it keeps me posting!

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