Monday, April 11, 2011

Vacation Time

Home Sick Again?

Well, we are back from our vacation and I am homesick Again! I was really hoping that I wouldn't feel this way but I do. It would be great if this feeling goes away quickly!
While we were in Florida our days flew bye, they were jammed packed, we only had a week there and it just wasn't enough time. There were a few people that I wanted to see, and never got to, and some food that I wanted to eat and never did, ( that was probably a good thing ) I guess I could say oh well next trip, but am I going to get home sick every time I go back to the states for a visit?
What do we miss? One of our friends asked us this question, and, at that time we had only been back for a day so I didn't have an answer for him, but now I do. I miss our family, friends, horses and Beal's outlet.

The Beach: We took the grand daughters to the beach. I forgot how much we love the beach; makes me wonder why we are living so far inland. I thought the water was a little to chilly to go in but that didn't stop the kids from jumping in.

I really like this shot. The girls were feeding the seagulls so they hung around while I took their picture.

Ryo, foreground, and Trinity rinsing off the salt water with help from Grandpa

It's always fun to bury your sister in the sand Trinity and Ryo

Grand daughter Brianna, can't believe how grown up she is !

Enjoying the waves

Grandpa and his girls making brownies, this is a family tradition. We had such a good time with our grand daughters. It was so nice to see them and they are growing up so fast. We miss them and they miss us. I asked Trinity the youngest one, if she missed me a little, or a lot and she looked at me and said "Way more than a lot grandma," made me want to cry on the spot.

My girlfriend Pam. We used to love going shopping, so we got together and went to my favorite store Beal's Outlet, where I did manage to find a few things !

Met our friends Pam & Bob for lunch, it is always great to get together with them.

Horses: Seeing my horses again was happy and sad. I loved seeing them and I got to ride both of them and that was great but saying goodbye is always hard. I am very grateful that they both have wonderful owners and they are being well taken care of.

How Happy do I look in this picture?????? Me with Carma

My friend Chris who now owns Carma, with her horse Moose. Moose likes to jump he's a big boy and clears the fences with ease!

Grooming and getting Carma ready to ride.

This is a picture of my trail riding buddy Helen on her horse Rose. We are on one of the beautiful sandy trails that we enjoyed that day. We were out for 2 hours and the time just went by way to fast. I told Helen it was one of the fastest trail rides I have been out on, that's because neither one of us stopped talking the whole time, we had lot's to catch up on.

I took this picture while I was in the saddle. When I rode Jakkar it was like I had never left and it felt so good to be back on him. So hard to say goodbye to him again.
This trail was so soft with white sand, it almost looks like snow.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law have been married for 68 years!!!

68 Years! can you imagine being married for that long? So nice to be to in Florida to help Billy's parents celebrate their important day.

The Happy Couple !
Posing outside of church.

Mom & Dad after mass

Palm Springs:

I took this shot through a window at the airport, getting ready to head to Florida.

Another shot from the airport

Found this sign at the library, something you don't see everyday, at least not here!

Billy took this picture from the car, it had snowed up in the mountains during the night, it was just so beautiful. Notice the windmills.

Going down the road with the beautiful mountains in the background

This was taken from the patio at Billy's brother's condo.

My sister in law Deb checking her emails.

We could walk to these mountains from the condo

The Pearson Gang: Celebrating St. Paddy's day. Billy, his brother Richard and sister Deb

The pool at the complex, I really enjoyed swimming in it, nice and warm it was heated!

Pictures: So when you are the one taking the pictures you forget to put yourself in them, which is why I don't have any of me with our gran daughters :( I will do better next visit.

Coming back home from Florida was an experience. There were tornado warnings up and our flight was leaving at 11:20 but we didn't get to take off till 1:45. Lucky for us, we would have had a long lay over in New Mexico but we did manage to make our flight out, they held the plane for us, and some other passengers in Albuquerque, so we got off of one plane and right back on another one. Then off to LA and then to MX.
We arrived home at 1:30AM, which was actually 4:30AM to our bodies. (time zone difference)

Back Home: So now we are back home getting into our routine, going to my exercise class, riding on Wednesday, swimming in the pool visiting with friends etc. Life is really good here, and I am sure that in a few days I will get over being homesick, at least Billy hopes so!
Hope you all enjoyed the post and the pictures, until next time, Adios!!!

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