Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Laid Plans

The plans are made we are going to Palm Springs where we will meet up with Billy's brother who lives there, his sister will be coming from Rhode Island, and our in laws will be arriving from Florida. We will be there for a week then we fly to Florida with the in laws to spend a week with them, see the gran kids, see the house, visit with friends etc. so we are all set, tickets bought, car rented, cat is taken care of, all packed and ready to go! then we get a phone call from my mother in law two days before we are ready to go, they can't make it, my father in law has a hernia that needs surgery right away. Well we had to do the first half of our vacation without them. We flew into Lax and then took a shuttle van to Ontario airport where we would be meeting my sister in law, and my brother in law was picking us up, we were all going to meet for my in laws 68th Wedding Anniversary! We all were disappointed that they couldn't be there, but we made the best of it! Our Flight from GDL to LAX was really nice, we flew on Volairs airlines, very nice plane and a smooth ride, no problems getting out of Mexico, flying wasn't a problem it was once we were on the ground and had to take the shuttle van, can you say traffic, crazy drivers, speeding cars, eight lanes of traffic, OMG I couldn't believe it, I thought we would never arrive alive! Buying Stuff: Ok we were in the states for all of 4 hours before I bought stuff, we went to the Ikea store, I love the Ikea store!!! it is full of great things that you think that you need, lucky for me I can only bring back what will fit in my suitcase, well that isn't exactly true, my brother in law is going to be driving to Mexico this summer and he said he could bring back a few things , ok so lucky me he doesn't have to much room in the car, as he is bringing his two dogs with him, so I have to limit myself to one box, and not a very big one, which is a good thing. Just amazing how quickly you can get into the mode of I need to buy stuff!!!! The one thing that was the deal of the century was glass tea light holders one side holds a tea light, flip it over and a regular candle fits in, and they only cost 47cents wow!!! This was Billy's first time in an Ikea store and even he was impressed. St. Patrick Day: Billy's brother was in charge of cooking corn beef and cabbage for the condo residents, it came out really good and everyone had a great time. My Birthday: Billy's brother made us a delicious lamb dinner, one of my favorite dinners, and they even had a cake for me, so it was a really nice day, and no I'm not telling you my age! Hanging Out: I got to spend time by the pool and read my book, another James Paterson one, still working on reading all of his novels. The weather was beautiful, and I loved the mountains, they had snow on the top of them, so beautiful to look at. It was a little chilly at night but not bad. While we were there it was the super moon and I watched it come up while sitting in the hot tub, life is good! Clothing: Had to go to Ross, where I bought a few things, flip flops, tee shirts, and new sneakers, also bought some new towels, they will be arriving by car this summer, so I have that to look forward to. I can't find nice towels in Mexico, well you can but they cost to much money. Pictures: Took plenty of pictures and I will be posting them when I get back to Mexico, right now I am in Florida, and I am really tired so I am going to end this for now. I have so much I can write about and I will, so you will just have to stay tuned. Night All!!!


  1. It was great seeing you guys in Palm Springs. I had a fun filled, food filled few days with family and friends. Just what the doctor ordered after a long cold winter in New England. You guys seem comfortable and happy in your retirement/vacation mode. I hope when I retire, at age 73, I'll be healthy enough to join you in Mexico, and see firsthand for myself what the big draw is for thousands of Americans to leave their country and families behind to begin a new life, in a new country. I'm happy you're happy!

  2. Thanks Deb we had a great time too !