Monday, March 7, 2011

The First Annual La Joya del Lago Chili Cook Off !

Billy decided it would be a great idea to have a chili cook off, so he put up fliers around the grounds, and 10 people signed up for the contest. We invited everyone at the hotel and some friends to come and judge it. The contestants named their teams with some pretty funny stuff. We had a great turn out, and, after the judging we ate the chili along with some other really good food that people brought. We had a four way tie for first place, so we divided up the prize money four ways, and everyone was happy! Billy did a great job organizing this event, he even printed out ballots and had little cups and spoons for tasting and judging. He plans on having another one next year. Like usual I wish I had taken more pictures but it is hard to take pictures while you are working.

And the winners are : Billy presenting to Mia, Cathy, June and Sparky ( not in the picture )

Barb, taste testing!

Our chefs! Left to right: Brian,June,Sparky,Mia,Sandy, Cathy,Bob,Lee,Judy and Dave
It was really hard to pick a winner, they were all good.

Terry and Walter, Sue in the background. Sue handled the money for us.

Me and Dave with his hand in his pocket, what's he looking for???

Happy hour first.

Newie, our neighbor's cat. He likes to play with our cat. I love to watch them together, to cute.

Our cat Pancho, looking so cute! This cat is such a love, he comes when you call him, loves to cuddle up to me in bed. Sometimes I will wake up and he is hogging the pillow! Also has a huge purr!

Questions: Getting ready for our trip back to the states. I have mixed feelings. I don't know how I will react to being there. Will I love it? Am I to used to living here now? I know I am looking forward to seeing friends and family, also getting some new clothes! Not to mention all our favorite foods that we will have to eat, I will really have to exercise while I'm away. How will I feel about seeing our house in Florida? Lot's of questions running through my mind. It took me so long to get over being homesick. Will it kick back in after being there? Of course I will be doing a post on how I feel about being back.

Now that I am over being homesick, I really love it here, the weather, the people, the food, the mountains, the lake, and the beautiful flowers everywhere. Lot's to love, of course there are bad things too, but that is everywhere.

Diet: I am going to exercise class twice a week, and now that the pool is semi warm, I have been swimming everyday. I am trying not to focus on losing weight, but just getting healthy and toned up.

Retirement Dreams: I just found out that a couple that we met last year, have finally sold their house in Florida after having it on the market for 3 years. They can't wait to get here and live their retirement dream. We are so looking forward to seeing them again, and so happy for them. Joanne also has a blog and I am going to try and link her's to mine.

Reading: I love to read and I am making up for lost time, I really like James Patterson and I plan on reading every one of his novels, I am half way through them. So far my favorite is "Beach Road". I even have Billy reading one here and there.

Friends: We have some really nice friends, and that makes living here even better. The people that are staying here at the hotel are a real nice group and we will miss them when they leave. The place will be so quiet!! No more Thursday poker games for Billy and no more Mexican train for me. We will have to have some pool parties!

Well I think that's all for this post, I will keep you posted LOL !!!!

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