Monday, April 5, 2010

Sad Saturday !

It was a sad Saturday for me, it was the day my friend Chris came and got my mare to take her home. Now I knew this day was coming, it was my decision to give my girl to Chris, and I know she will be loved, and cared for, but it still hurt so much. It was hard to groom her up with tears in my eyes, and in bed on Friday night, I cried some more, does anyone know why tears can be hot!!! My tears were really hot.
So Saturday morning was sunny and beautiful, and at 10:30 my friend Chris drove up in the trailer to pick up my girl, it took me a little while to get her to load, she hasn't been in a trailer in a long time, but she was nice and calm for us. I followed them to her new home, so I could make sure she settled in ok. Well we unloaded her and she dropped her head and started grazing, a sure sign of a very relaxed horse, so much for me worrying !!!! We showed her Chris's horses which are in another field, they will all be together in a few days. Everything went well and my friend Chris is very happy and I am still very sad, it is so hard to look at her empty stall, but it is getting better. I will go and see her next week, and I hope that I don't cry, but I guess it will be ok if I do.

Charisma checking out her new home

My friend Chris with Charisma

Chris's horses

First meeting

Me with Charisma


  1. Beautiful pics. Cher....I am so blessed to have you as a friend & truly blessed that you have given me Charisma....Thank You !

  2. Hi Cheryl, Your post made tears come to my eyes too. It is so sad that you couldn't take your horse to Mexico. I know what it is like to love an animal and then lose it. God bless you..... Your friend, Patricia

  3. What a pretty girl Cher! Looks like she's got a great home.

    Hang're going to have so much extra time on your hands!


  4. Thanks everyone for writing, yes she has a great home, still sad to see her empty stall, but it is getting better by the day.