Sunday, April 29, 2012

Peyton Place ?

Hola everyone, well today is Sunday and I thought it was about time that I updated my blog, I really hate being in the house when it is so beautiful out but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. LOL After I am done with this I will go out and use the pool, and later I will go out and play with the horses. I lead such a stressful life :)!  So what have I been up to? Well we are all settled in our new place, it is small but I am getting used to it. You can't be a slob in a small space, everything has to have a place, and you have to put stuff away!! hubby is catching on.  Pictures are all hung up, we bought a rug at Costco that is  is very modern  looking, it has a pattern on it, and we are going to have that pattern painted on the wall, it should look really good when it is done, I will take pictures of the inside of the apartment when it is all  done. We may go out and buy a recliner, the couch isn't really that comfortable, then we can fight over who gets to sit in it, maybe we should just buy two?

Neighbors:  Well when you decide to live in an apartment complex you have to realize that life won't be a bowl of cherries ( where did that saying come from )  anyway, everyone is different and you have to adjust, yes? well at least that would be good. We have one neighbour who doesn't like noise?  Last night we were outside by the pool, with some of the other tenants, 3 of the snowbirds were leaving in the morning so we were just sitting at the tables talking saying goodbye etc., we broke up at 9:15 now that is not late! so this morning I hear " a little noisy last night! really ????so I said it wasn't late only 9:15. Not sure how this person ended up in Mexico, because Mexico is loud!!!! and one should not live in an apartment complex if you can't deal with a little noise. Speaking of noise all of the snowbirds have left, and it is so quiet, it's like having  a resort almost all to ourselves, at least for the moment, I hear that some new people are going to be moving in.

What do you do when people are untrue? Speaking of neighbors boy do  I have a story for you. Just found out that a person that we know, and thought  they liked us, bad mouthed us  before we moved in! I told Billy who would do that we're really nice people LOL!  anyway this person told stories about us that weren't true, I mean if you're going to tell stories about us at least tell truthful ones, he even went so far as to tell the owner of this place that he wouldn't recommend  renting to us, What???  that really got us mad, I mean looking for a place to live is serious. Lucky for us the owner didn't believe the stories and rented to us anyway and lucky for us this person is a snow bird, I mean did he think we wouldn't find out what he said?  The owner here is very hands on and wants full timers here not just snow birds. Ah life in a apartment complex, a Peyton place, does anyone younger than me even know what that means???

Potty story: Sad but true. We went to a party the other day, it was 90 minutes away and the last 15 of it was on a dirt road with ups and downs and bumps. We finally arrive, now after that drive we all have to pee, so we ask where is the bathroom? Picture this 100 acres of land stretching out far and wide, and we are told  anywhere you like, oh and please don't leave any tissue paper on the ground? Really are you shitting me! pun intended!  now this wasn't to bad for me but the lady who walked with a cane that was there, don't know how she managed. Do people just not think????  no house  on the land but there is a camper. Just saying! we did have a good time despite the lack of bathrooms, and the view was awesome.

Horses: They are doing great. The other day a friend of mine offered to take me out to pony Melaza, which means you are on a horse and Melaza is being led,  so we went out and Melaza was really good, a few more times out and I will start riding her off the property. Can't wait, getting a little bored, but rather be safe than sorry. Got to meet Melaza's half brother the other day, he is a stallion so he is lot's bigger than she is, same color, noticed that he puts his ears back too, so they must have got that trait  from their dad. I have been slowly getting her to stop doing that, she was really bad when we first got her.

Wrap it up! Okay once again I went on and on, so time to finish up. No pictures on this post, computer acting up.  Till next time!

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