Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hello it's Me!

Well I am using the title Hello it's me from a Tod Rudgren song, does anyone remember that song or am I dating myself on that one? I debated whether or not to contine  blogging or just give it up, so I checked my stats and it seems like there are people reading this blog of mine so I thought I would keep at it. So now you get to hear  all about  my countiung  story of life here in Mexico.

OPPS I did it again!!  Now if you have read some of my posts you would know how much trouble l can have with my camara, well I haven't been using it, instead I usually use this tablet. Today I decided to take my camera, so charged up the battery, grabbed the chip put it in and off we went. We get to the fair, I take all of 7 pictures, and you guessed it, the chip is full, seems like I grabbed a chip with pictures already on it! Honestly I know better but still it happened again. I think I will just stick to using this tablet.

Old posts.  Last night I was reading some of my old posts, some were funny, some were sad, one made me cry! That one was about my horse that I gave to my friend Chris, it was really nice to go back and read them. I even found two pictures of our cat Pancho when he was only 5 months old !  Sooo  cute.

Holiday blues,  It is really different spending the holidays without your family around, I tend to get a little depressed around this time of year, lucky for us we have a nice group of people that live in our complex and we all got together and had a wonderful Christmas eve dinner. Since we went out for Thanksgiving dinner and we weren't impressesd we decided to cook for Christmas, yes you can get turkey here and all the trimmings.  Our dinner turned out Great!!

Weather,  I know I shouldn't complain about it, I know it is really cold in the states, but here we are use to nice sunny warm days, and it has been a bit on the chilly side, we don't have ac or heat, we usually don't need them but this winter we light the oven to get the chill out of the air, and the pool water is not warm! Oh my I have such a though life! Lol.

Where does the time go?  I don't know it just seems to fly bye, I have a grandson that just turned 6! I remember when I flew out to see him he was only a few months old!  and of course it seems like you just pay the rent and it is due again, or any bill for that matter.

Ok time to wrap this post up for now. I'm not going to add any pictures to this post, but I will on my next one.

Thank you to eveyone who reads my blog!!

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