Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Trip To Talquepaque & other things

Well I just don't know where the time goes, it seems like a just do a blog and it is time for another one, and I didn't even do the last post.

Home Sick: Finally, I am not home sick any more, I reached the 7 month mark and it seemed to go away, which I am so glad of, I was getting worried, but now I wake up every morning ready to greet my new life head on. I know some people don't have a problem adjusting, but I gave up so much to make our new lives here, plus I went from being busy all the time, to what do I want to do with myself today. Recently we have met some more people, so interesting to meet new people, everyone has a story.

Weather: I know I have said it before and you will hear me say it many more times, I love!!! the weather here, beautiful days, lot's of sunshine. I am a sunshine girl.
Our bedroom is my favorite room because it gets so much morning sun. The patio is my second favorite place, around 2:00 the sun is on it, I love to sit and read my books there.

Things I want to Do: I made a list before I left the states, one of the things on it was to read, and I have been doing lot's of that. Riding was on there, of course! and I get to do that. Playing tennis is on my list, I haven't done that yet, but I just met some one who plays so I may hook up with them, it has been years since I last played, but I used to really like it so I think it will come back to me. Playing cards, well I have done that with Billy and I even managed to win at Knock Gin, no easy task, as he is a really good card player. Swimming, I love to swim and as soon as the pool warms up I will be in it! Sex, well that is always on the list, at least for Billy TMI and LOL!!!!
Diet: What diet, unless you call still eating my bread, and having my donuts a diet, so no weight has been lost yet!!! There is way to much good food around here.

The following pictures are of our second trip to Talaquepaque, we went with our upstairs neighbors and had a great time. Talaquepaque is a town 45 minutes north of Ajijic. It is a town full of beautiful old!! buildings, filled with beautiful things to spend your money on. More than the the things they sell I love the buildings. They don't make them like that any more.

The first picture was taken at the Patio restaurant, they have a female Marichi band there, they were very good, and loved to pose for your pictures.

Thought this guy was interesting

I loved this stained glass window, you are not suppose to take pictures in the stores but I couldn't resist. It was so much prettier in person.

I can't remember how old this building is, I should take notes next time.

Loved this purse.

Billy and our neighbor Brian

Big man about town.
Metal Mariachi band
Fighting for freedom

Well that does it for this week, I already know what I will be posting about next, tune in to find out. Hope all my readers are fine, and thanks for reading my blog. Don't forget you can leave me a comment, it is always nice to hear from you all, and Dale are you happy now, I did a new post!


  1. Hi Cheryl, Nice post. Beautiful photos. Glad you are doing well. Let's get together one of these days. Your friend, Patricia

  2. Hola Patricia,

    Yes we need to get together, you have to come over and see our place! I'll even give you lunch.