Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Around Town

Well I can't believe it has been over two weeks since I did a post, time sure has a way of going by. I hope all my readers had a good Holiday. Billy and I had a nice one, we have met some really nice people here and we spent it with them.

Christmas: Celebrating Christmas here was different, they celebrate it on Christmas Eve. They open their front doors, build a small fire in front of their houses and eat outside. Lot's of food, drinking, loud music, and of course the fireworks! For our Christmas Eve we went to our friend Kerry's house, everyone brought something, we had 3 different soups, Billy made his awesome New England Clam Chowder. On Christmas day when we drove into town it was business like usual, lot's of stores were open. I think it was the first time in our married life that we went to a restaurant for Christmas dinner, just easier and cheaper, turkeys here are expensive. After dinner we went to a friends open house, and ate some more!!!! I am glad the holidays are over. For New years eve, there was a party here, pot luck dinner, the food was great, even better we didn't have to drive home. We came home early and watched the New Year ring in from NY, which in our case was at 11:00 our time, so I went to bed early, I am an old fart! LOL

The following pictures were taken around town. This guy is wating for his owner, as you can see the lake level is still high.

We are new at building fires, but I think we got the hang of it now. I love them, so pretty!

Billy and our new little guy Pancho

Thought this was a beautiful flower pot

You can walk into town either by going down the streets, or taking the malacon, I love walking the malacon, so much to see, it is so pretty. You can't stay in a bad mood when you have all this beauty around you.

Children love to ride their bikes on the malacon, sometimes you will see them roller skating on it too.

Ducks enjoying the sunlight

Well that's all for this post I will write agian soon.


  1. I just love that pic of Pancho!!! And the rest of your guys seem very happy there and settled in your new life - far away from the troubles and struggles of the rest of the family in the US of a dream come true! DEB

  2. Hey Deb, Its hard for you yo reamain anonymous when you sign your name. LOL Too much vino tinto? Great talking to you this morning. Take care and Happy New Year!! B

  3. HI Cheryl, Beautiful blog. Thank you. Love your fireplace.... When is Billy going to write his post? Happy New Year to you both. With much love, Patricia

  4. Cheryl: We recently visited with friends who travel a lot - mostly to England. She lived in Guadalajara many years ago and does not think it or Ajijic is safe. She would not feel her husband (a hiker) would be safe walking in the hills around Ajijic. What do you think? We are very interested in the area - and want to prove her wrong. Thanks. Pat